Laser Engraved Gift Ideas

Laser engravers are able to create some beautiful items out of wood and leather that make great gifts. Here are some laser engraved gifts for loved ones and friends.

Laser engraving is a process in which a laser mounted on a CNC drill burns a thin layer on the top surface of the material, changing its color to create an etched pattern or design. Laser engravers use 2D design files to guide the engraving, so various designs can be etched onto materials such as leather, wood, metal, and more.

As it happens, laser engraving is often used to make some really cool stuff, so here are some of our top laser engraving ideas for your friends or family!

If you’re already fascinated by the concept of laser burning and want to get in on the action, check out our selection of the top laser engravers.

wood laser engraving machine S10 Pro

With nearly everyone and their dog owning a smartphone these days, protecting them has become even more urgent as they become an increasingly important part of life. Here’s why laser-engraved phone cases are such a great gift idea: They’re almost universally useful.

If you’re looking for something more meaningful than a traditional gift card, look no further than a personalized gift. Thanks to laser engraving and creative talent, you can now engrave almost anything, so your gift options are endless. Whether the gift is a birthday, anniversary or major life event, it will be remembered for years to come.

While the classic way of monogramming a beautiful piece of jewelry is always a crowd pleaser, decorating a gift with a loved one’s fingerprints is an unexpected way they’ll still love it. Anything from glassware to leather goods can be customized with a special date, name, symbol or design as an engraved gift with a personal touch.

laser engraving logo

With so many engraving possibilities, picking the gift that will make the most impression can be overwhelming. We’ve rounded up several great engraving gifts for anyone in your life. From low-key newlyweds to whiskey lovers and everyone in between, there’s an engraved gift idea sure to leave them speechless.

You can’t go wrong with a gift of Yeti’s popular double-wall vacuum-insulated water-tight tumbler. They’re extremely durable, come in many different sizes, and, of course, keep your drinks hot or cold for days. Plus, you can make it even more personal by adding their initials.

Whether you decide to make these yourself or buy them from an outside source, your friends and family will love these rustic gifts. If you can’t find the gift you’re looking for and you’re looking to DIY, check out some resources to speed up your laser engraving.

laser engraving wood

You want a fun and thoughtful gift, but you also want to add a unique flair to it. Well, you might want to consider one of these fun laser engraved gifts.

Laser Engraved Yo-Yo

This custom yo-yo is the perfect gift for kids or yo-yo lovers of all ages.

Custom Engraved Building Blocks

These custom building blocks are a super fun party favor that everyone can enjoy.

engraved chess

If you have an avid chess player in your hands, this engraved chess set will make them feel extra special.

Custom Engraved Cardboard Sets

This engraved cardboard set is a super unique and fun gift idea.

Laser Engraved Dominoes Set

This domino set comes in a custom carved rosewood box that the recipient is sure to love.

Custom coin
These custom engraved coins are perfect for coin collectors.

Personalized baseball bat

This personalized baseball bat is the perfect gift for the baseball lover in your life.

Personalized Name Logo
Add the perfect touch to your child’s bedroom with this personalized unicorn name sign.

Laser Engraved Treasure Chest

This laser engraved treasure chest is a truly unique keepsake or memory box.