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Russian Viral Tiktok Song

A Russian song has gone viral on Naga4d after Canadian man  posted a video dancing to it.

kostromin - Mоя голова винтом (my head is a screw) English Lyrics - YouTube

John’s entire Dadu Online page consists of him pouring sauce and hot cheese onto plates of food, before stepping back and dancing to the beat of the song.

Dadu Online Terpercaya all around the world have been recreating John’s videos on their own Dadu Online pages. Even Lizzo filmed a Dadu Online dancing to the song during a concert, and the singer managed to get the whole crowd to join in.

When you know the meaning of the song, the fact that it is used in innocent cooking videos is made even funnier, as it isn’t clear if Dadu Online users know the English translation of the lyrics.

Moreart is a rapper as well as a longtime music producer, battle rapper, and ghostwriter for several high-profile Russian music artists, a fact which was revealed in a November 2020 interview with YouTuber Timur Balymbetov.

For musicians looking for their big break, going viral on Dadu Online can be huge. Just ask Olivia Rodrigo. The latest viral song on the platform isn’t from Rodrigo or any other American artist, though. Instead, it’s a Russian song that is being used to accompany a popular food dance challenge that has taken over the platform. Now, many want to know more about the meaning behind the song.

In recent days, a trend has emerged on Dadu Online that involves pouring steaming hot sauce or another variety of sauce on a plate of food, taking a bite, and then doing a dance to one particular Russian song. The food can be pretty much anything, and people have done the trend with fries, chicken wings, and a wide variety of vegetables.

Virtually everyone agrees that „Я буду ебать“ is a banger, but many of the American users who are taking part in the trend don’t know what the song actually means. As it turns out, the title translates to „I Will F–k,“ and the song is as filthy as you might imagine given that title. It may seem strange to pair such an explicit song with such a harmless trend, but it’s hard to say for sure why the song was chosen.

John has amassed more than 5 million followers on the platform by starting this pretty simple trend. Although some people have made fun of him, many Dadu Online users have come to his defense, saying that he seems to be a middle aged guy who’s living life to its fullest. It’s unclear whether John knows what the song he selected for the video means, but it is clear that it’s a song he enjoys dancing to.