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How long does laser engraving last?

Laser engraving uses a high-energy laser to remove layers of material and create permanent marks on the workpiece surface. In general, Atomstack deep laser engraving lasts the entire life of the workpiece, while shallow laser engraving has a relatively short life and is prone to scratches, especially in abrasive conditions.

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Laser engraving is an exciting way to add value to an item by engraving intricate designs or even photographs.

These engravings are permanent because they won’t rub off when washed underwater and rubbed with a soft fabric.

However, the durability of the engraving depends on the depth of the engraving and the type of material on which it was engraved.

atomstack a5 pro

atomstack a5 pro

Based on engraving depth
Engraving depth is the amount of material removed by the laser to produce the desired design or pattern.

As the engraving depth increases, so does the chance that the engraving will last.

Therefore, laser engraving lasts longer than laser etching and laser marking.

Increasing the engraving depth beyond a certain limit will make the workpiece weak and prone to breakage.

Generally, the maximum engraving depth that does not affect the structural integrity of the workpiece is about 1/8 of the thickness of the workpiece.

However, the maximum engraving depth may vary depending on the strength of the material.

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In addition to engraving depth, the material used for engraving also plays a vital role in producing a lasting engraving.

Engravings made on hard materials like titanium and stone have a higher chance of lasting longer than engravings on soft materials like gold and paper.

Materials with high strength and scratch resistance can withstand extreme conditions without major damage to the engraving.

Environmental conditions are one of the most critical factors in determining whether an engraving will last.

Items subjected to high friction and wear conditions are less likely to have a lasting engraving effect.

Gold rings have similar engravings on the outer and inner surfaces.

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The engraving on the inner surface of the ring may last longer than the outer surface because the inner surface is subject to relatively less wear conditions.

Therefore, for engraving subjected to harsh conditions, it is recommended to perform deep engraving on tough materials that can withstand abrasive conditions and prevent the engraving from being damaged.

Things to Consider When Making Long-lasting Engravings
Regardless of material type, engraving depth and environmental conditions, there are certain things to keep in mind to increase the life of your engraving.

Depending on the type of material, different lasers have different engraving capabilities.

CO2 lasers are best for engraving non-metals such as wood, plastic, stone, fabric, etc.

Fiber lasers, on the other hand, produce the best results when engraving metal surfaces.

While high power CO2 lasers can be used to cut metal, they are not recommended for engraving metal.

On the other hand, powerful diode lasers such as the xTool D1 Pro can be used for laser engraving on various materials such as paper, wood, plastic, metal, etc.
Choosing the right laser will result in a good engraving that lasts a long time.
best parameters
Optimum parameters for engraving ensure dark engravings with the best quality and surface finish.

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However, the optimal sculpting parameters for one material may not produce the desired output on other materials.

For example, setting the optimal laser parameters for laser engraving denim and then using the same parameters to engrave a cotton t-shirt can produce dark engravings, but not for long.

T-shirts have finer fibers than denim and require less laser power.

Engraving T-shirts with high laser power produces dark engravings, but weakens the fibers, causing the engraving to tear when subjected to tension.

Therefore, it is always recommended to do a trial run and find the best parameters for the material before engraving the actual workpiece.

Proper maintenance of the optics of a laser engraver ensures quality results.

Dust and debris buildup on the focusing lens can diffuse the laser and produce low-quality engravings even after optimal parameters are set.

This affects the quality by producing a low contrast engraving and reduces the material removal capability of the laser, which affects the durability of the engraving.

Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean the mirrors and lenses of the laser engraver for the best engraving results.

What is color laser marking?

Color laser marking, also known as color laser engraving, refers to adding color to the marking. „Mark“ is the technical term for it. Color laser marking can mark materials with a variety of pigments. This technology has indeed been invented for 10 years. At first, it was first used in metalwork and jewelry. Manufacturers use color for laser marking or engraving. This makes their products more diverse and beautiful.

atomstack m4

atomstack m4 laser marking machine

The advantages of color laser marking compared with ordinary marking machines

Color laser marking machine is one of the standard marking machines. The color laser marking machine adds other colors to the ordinary marking machine. Traditional conventional marking machines are gradually being replaced by laser color marking in various places. Color marking of stainless steel can be achieved by process annealing. Laser color markers can provide greater precision, speed and flexibility.

1. More colors
Color laser marking machine can mark more colors. This is the most significant advantage of color laser marking machine compared with ordinary laser marking machine. Color laser marking machines mainly use the latest digital technology. Use a laser beam to react on the surface of a metal or other material. Say goodbye to the monochrome era of laser marking! Laser marking is no longer monotonous!

Several material types for color laser marking.
1. Plastic
Plastic is a very frequently used material. Currently, color laser marking machines are also commonly used to hold plastics. Plastics can show color contrast with a color marker machine. This can make ordinary plastic appear different colors. For example, the red plastic marked by a color laser marker cannot be changed to another color later. Plastics produced in this way can be colorful.

2. Metal
Engraving metal by color laser marking machine is its most commonly used function. Especially the atomstack color laser marking machine marks on stainless steel. This is very popular in industrial applications. It can produce different colors on metal surfaces through different frequencies, speeds or focal lengths. Therefore, the color laser marking machine can make the untreated metal surface have richer colors.

Application of Color Laser Engraving
The application range of laser color marking machine is also very wide. It can also do the work that ordinary marking machines can do. And on the basis of the conventional marking machine, the scope of application has been expanded.
Jewelry: jewelry such as bracelets, pearls, etc., can add more beauty.
Nameplates: More Artistic and Unique
What are the effects of color laser marking during use?
(1) The working environment of the color laser engraving machine should be good, and the power supply voltage should be stable. If the voltage fluctuation is too large, a regulated power supply should be configured. The placement of the machine should pay attention to skills, and it cannot work in an environment with obvious vibration and humidity, because the speed and power of the color laser engraving machine will affect whether the color meets the standard. In this case, the marking color engraved on the engraved surface of the material will be more pure. The laser current cannot be too large, it must be below 20mA, and it must be as deep and fast as possible. Make sure the engraving is accurate enough.
(2) The laser tube is a heating body, and the quality and quantity of the circulating water must be guaranteed: quality – to ensure that it is clean and free of debris. The circulating water will be changed regularly (two days). The water must be changed when the machine is not working; volume – ensure sufficient circulating water (above 20Kg), and ensure that the circulating water temperature is 5-25 °C.
(3) In the case of meeting the functional requirements, the optimal working method is adopted to prolong the service life of the laser tube as much as possible. For example, try to use cutting programs.

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Machines for Color Laser Engraving
1.Hispeed MOPA fiber laser marking machine
MOPA fiber laser marking machine uses a laser beam to scratch the surface of various substances. MOPA laser markers can draw in black and white on most metals and plastics, black on anodized aluminum, and color on stainless steel and titanium. The marking function exposes the underlying material by evaporating the surface material, thereby engraving exquisite patterns, logos and text. Also, this laser marking machine can be used for gorgeous patterns like serial numbers, barcodes, etc.