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Customize different gifts for your customers

Laser marking: In laser marking, a low-power laser beam interacts with a special coating on the surface of a material to form a surface design. In this case, the surface of the material remains smooth, but the design is clearly visible.

Laser Etching: Laser etching is a delicate process where the laser produces just enough heat to form a surface mark on the surface of the material of your choice. The etched areas melt and expand, creating a raised finish with enhanced contrast. Laser etching never goes deeper than 0.001 inches into the material, making it ideal for plating metals, polymers, and ceramics.

You can add custom designs to individual products, or set up your laser cutter for high-volume production. With a little practice, you’ll be able to add graphics, names, logos, quotes, and everything in between to any material that’s compatible with your laser engraving machine.

Personalized engraving machines can only create beautiful gifts with the right materials. Some substrates work better than others when it comes to etching, marking and engraving, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s manual before starting the task. You’ll need to adjust the laser’s settings depending on the material you’re using, but there are plenty to choose from:

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Slate, marble, granite, trouble stone and other stones can be laser engraved.

Glass can be used for a variety of purposes, from monogrammed glassware to hygienic cutting boards.

Plastic can be used for name tags and key chains, as well as phone cases, acrylic business cards and signs.

Metal often needs to be coated with a substance that allows you to etch the surface to create personalized spoons, stainless steel cocktail glasses and calling cards.

You can laser etch many different types of wood to create custom picture frames, wine boxes, gift boxes, ornaments and baby blocks.

Leather works well with laser cutters but takes practice to create personalized passport holders, wallets, dog collars, bracelets and book covers.

Of course, jewelry is one of the most popular personalization items.

You can even engrave photos on glass, stone, metal, plastic and wood.

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Amazing Laser Engraver Project Ideas

Affordable laser engraving machines are becoming more and more popular and, more importantly, more powerful. With the machines we’ve tested, you can do more than sculpt!

Making your own brings a certain level of satisfaction. When you get something done and it looks good, you feel proud, or know that you can produce a high-quality product without paying for it.

The best way to beat the winter blues is to keep your brain sharp with some DIY puzzles. Wooden puzzles are a great way to spark creativity and imagination. This is a fun one to keep you on your toes and it can be made entirely with a good laser engraver! The price of laser engravers has dropped significantly over the past few years, making it more accessible than ever for hobbyists and manufacturers alike. This project is a simple introduction to using a laser engraver and building wooden puzzles.

The holidays are just around the corner and we’re all scrambling to finish shopping, but why not take a break and try something new? This year, for your gift-giving needs, consider using a laser engraver to make acrylic jewelry. First, you need to download the image file you want to engrave on acrylic. You can find a lot of designs on websites that offer free vector designs. If you don’t have vector malware, but a regular image, use a program like Inkscape to create a vector version of your design, where you’ll convert it into an outline drawing called a „path“. Finally, upload this path to your laser engraving software and it will cut on the material.

3d printer laser cutter P9 M40

This machine can easily cut dark acrylic. The easiest to cut is black acrylic, but here I am trying to cut the yellow one. This machine requires about twice as many passes as the black machine because yellow reflects more light than dark. But it cuts this cool fish nicely. I filled in the carving with some black spray paint and wiped off the excess with a cloth soaked in acetone and it turned out great!

I bet you think laser engraving is just for making art or cutting material. Well, I’m here to show you how to make rubber stamps with a atomstack a5 m50 pro laser engraver! The process is so simple that anyone can do it using a few materials from the hardware store. All you need is a laser engraver and a little time.

I used moderate power and speed and used cross padding. It turned out a little burnt, but cleaned up nicely with a damp paper towel. The carving is deep and the edges are nice. It is always recommended to use a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol to clean the lens after engraving rubber or other dusty materials. This ensures that the laser is always operating at maximum power.

We’ve found a way for you to learn paper crafting on your own! It’s so easy – just plug it in, download a free design template or upload your own and start tailoring your own designs right away! You can definitely tell that this is the first paper product I’ve made. I still need some bonding practice.

This machine can cut thick paper like butter. I’m trying to do some papercraft based on plans I got from the internet. By lowering the power you can mark the line where the bend is and then the paper bends easily.

Paper crafting is a fun hobby. You can make your own cards and artwork, and even make some useful items like coasters or gift boxes.

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