The best laser cutters in 2022

Until recently, laser cutters were only found in industrial equipment.


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They are expensive and difficult to operate and maintain.

Times have changed, however, and home laser cutting is affordable and accessible to hobbyists and small businesses.

At affordable prices, you can etch, engrave and cut to create custom gifts and products.

In this guide, I’ve listed the best and most reliable laser cutter options for hobbyists and businesses.

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I have evaluated laser cutters based on various performance parameters such as build quality, laser tube power, laser type, material capability, etc., to give you a complete picture of which one to choose.

Cut glass, plastic, and more with the best laser cutters for accuracy and precision.

The best laser cutters were once only used by big business and heavy industry. But these days, they are getting cheaper and are now used by everyone from makers, creators and agencies to DIYers and hobbyists.

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Because the best laser cutters allow you to precisely cut materials like leather, wood, glass, and plastic without special skills. So whether you’re looking to engrave calligraphic lettering on jewelry or a logo design on a sign, you’ll find it quick and easy.

That said, laser cutters are still pretty expensive, so you don’t want to waste your cash. Below, you’ll find the best laser cutters you can buy today. We’ll start with the best laser cutters for Americans, but if you’re British, skip straight to the best laser cutters in the UK.

A small machine perfect for home projects, this laser engraving machine is 85% assembled, which may sound like an odd brag, but it’s actually quite popular when dealing with laser cutters. Its all-aluminum anodized construction design makes it extremely durable, and it can cut and engrave most small items you’ll want to use, from glasses to purses and picture frames.

Customize different gifts for your customers

Laser marking: In laser marking, a low-power laser beam interacts with a special coating on the surface of a material to form a surface design. In this case, the surface of the material remains smooth, but the design is clearly visible.

Laser Etching: Laser etching is a delicate process where the laser produces just enough heat to form a surface mark on the surface of the material of your choice. The etched areas melt and expand, creating a raised finish with enhanced contrast. Laser etching never goes deeper than 0.001 inches into the material, making it ideal for plating metals, polymers, and ceramics.

You can add custom designs to individual products, or set up your laser cutter for high-volume production. With a little practice, you’ll be able to add graphics, names, logos, quotes, and everything in between to any material that’s compatible with your laser engraving machine.

Personalized engraving machines can only create beautiful gifts with the right materials. Some substrates work better than others when it comes to etching, marking and engraving, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s manual before starting the task. You’ll need to adjust the laser’s settings depending on the material you’re using, but there are plenty to choose from:

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Slate, marble, granite, trouble stone and other stones can be laser engraved.

Glass can be used for a variety of purposes, from monogrammed glassware to hygienic cutting boards.

Plastic can be used for name tags and key chains, as well as phone cases, acrylic business cards and signs.

Metal often needs to be coated with a substance that allows you to etch the surface to create personalized spoons, stainless steel cocktail glasses and calling cards.

You can laser etch many different types of wood to create custom picture frames, wine boxes, gift boxes, ornaments and baby blocks.

Leather works well with laser cutters but takes practice to create personalized passport holders, wallets, dog collars, bracelets and book covers.

Of course, jewelry is one of the most popular personalization items.

You can even engrave photos on glass, stone, metal, plastic and wood.

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